Drainage Committee

Our community was developed largely around a hilly golf course landscape and by deficient stormwater control regulations that were in place in 1971. These facts, coupled with an aging drainage infrastructure, led our HOA to establish a “Drainage Committee” with a mission of maintaining, and to the extent possible improving, community stormwater control performance to support HOA home values.
Homeowner Requests for Assistance:
  • 115 & 119 St Andrews Drive – Consideration of potential revisions to the current approved design is on hold pending receipt of written agreement from the homeowner at 651 Sneed Road. An alternate plan is being considered to establish a retention structure within county right-of-way along Sneed Road.
  • Hastings Lane cull de sac – Enclosure of the existing open drainage way located within the grassed area bounded by the cull de sac is underway. Communications with the county to satisfy final requirements remains the responsibility of The Reserve developer. All costs associated with this effort will be paid by the surrounding homeowners.
Maintenance Program:
A full engineering evaluation of the large CMP structures and determination of responsibilities/priorities for repair/replacement will soon start with first conducting a Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) through the entire length of each pipe. Proposed agreement is submitted and in review.

Improvement Projects:
  • Diversion Structure 1 (20th Fairway) – Concept design is complete. Meeting will be coordinated with Club management to coincide with meeting for Diversion Structure 2 project below.
  • Diversion Structure 2 (2nd Fairway) – Concept design is complete. Meeting with the affected homeowners and Mr. Rochford to gain support and input remains underway. Once done, we will schedule a meeting with Club management to review.
Stormwater runoff problems are an ongoing concern in Temple Hills and your Drainage Committee is working hard to maintain and improve the existing infrastructure.  Please report any problems or questions to Steve Westerman, Drainage Committee chair, steven.westerman@att.net.

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