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Our community was developed largely around a hilly golf course landscape and by deficient stormwater control regulations that were in place in 1971. These facts, coupled with an aging drainage infrastructure, led our HOA to establish a “Drainage Committee” with a mission of maintaining, and to the extent possible improving, community stormwater control performance to support HOA home values.
The Drainage Committee meets monthly to manage current and new drainage projects.  
This work was selected through an annual  assessment program by our civil engineer as being the highest priority areas in need of corrective action and able to be accomplished with the allocated funds.
With development of the Temple Hills community being started in the mid-1970’s, we have drainage structures approaching 50-years in age and end-of-life.  To support this long range repair plan for these structures, our HOA has established an annual special reserve fund that will go toward the coming major construction effort.
Along with these above stated committee efforts, we continue to assist homeowners and other HOA committees with drainage issues that frequently occur.  We will also of course strive to monitor our drainage infrastructure and deal with the regular drainage maintenance needs as they arise.
July 2023 Drainage Report
ARC Requests for Assistance:
170 North Berwick Lane
Homeowner Requests for Assistance: 
106 Troon Court 
115 & 119 St Andrews Drive 
Maintenance Program: 
Our engineers at Neel-Shaffer are working through their review of the voluminous pipe video inspection information and will submit a report of recommendations for corrective action later this month. 
No other significant maintenance needs have been reported to date.
Improvement Projects: 
Drainage Easements, 20th Fairway above Collinwood Close – The overall scope of work now involves six homeowner properties that are impacted substantially and three drainage easements – one being in terrible condition on HOA “Common Area” that should be included in the Landscape Maintenance contract. A topographic/boundary survey is a necessary next step. Bids were solicited from three surveyors, with Delta Associates submitting the low bid of $2,500. We are in the process of completing a contract.

Retainage Structures, 2nd Fairway above Stableford Lane – Since the meeting held on April 20 that included the County Engineer, Club management, and several representing Rochford R&C, we continue to wait for design submittal from Rochford’s engineer of a concept for capturing and retaining runoff before it reaches homeowner properties, and only to the degree to which a 25-year rain event can be handled adequately.
Stormwater runoff problems are an ongoing concern in Temple Hills and your Drainage Committee is working hard to maintain and improve the existing infrastructure.  Please report any problems or questions to Steve Westerman, Drainage Committee chair, steven.westerman@att.net.

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