Our THHA website serves as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Mark Your Calendars!
  • Temple Hills Community-Wide Garage Sale: Saturday, May 20th
  • Temple Hills Annual Fireworks Celebration: Sunday, May 28th
  • Next Homeowner's Meeting: June 8th
The 2023 THHA Budget Vote is now CLOSED. 
The ballot to adopt our 2023 Budget was approved at the December 11, 2022 Homeowner's meeting.  You can review the 2023 Budget documents by clicking HERE or going to the "Business" tab at the top and clicking on the dropdown link titled *Budget Vote*.  The documents available for review are the Budget Ballot Letter, Proposed 2023 Budget and 2023 Budget Explanations.  Please review these materials to find out about changes to the HOA dues assessment.
Thank you for your vote!
The THHA Board
Election results are in for the 2023 THHA Board of Directors
Your vote is very important.  Thanks for participating!

We had vacancies to fill for three Director positions on the Board.  John Carr and Kathy Haskins were re-elected, and Holly McClellan was elected to fill the 3rd open position. Their 3-year term will begin in January, 2022.
Architectural Review Committee
This is a great time to tackle those clean-up and fix-up projects.  Please remember to reach out to your Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval of any exterior projects.  The application fee is waived if you submit your application and receive approval before you start the work.  You can find out more about the ARC, submitting online ARC applications and the ARC's Project Guidelines by clicking HERE.
Volunteers Needed!
Last but not least, the Board is in need of volunteers to help with various committees, including Grounds Committee and Compliance Committee.  If you are interested in helping in either of these areas, use “Contact Us” (at the top of this page) and express your interests!
Thank you for your participation!
Welcome New Residents
  • Joyce Fowler and Chris Cole
    120 St. Andrews Drive
  • Michael and Donna Hooks
    226 St Andrews Drive
Neighborhood News
The major redesign of our entrance intersection is still 3 to 6 years off, according to David Horwath of Land Innovations (project manager for Stephens Valley).  The County requires Stephens Valley to complete substantial improvements to the intersection of Temple and Sneed Rd. prior to the County approving the plotting of 350 or more lots for Stephens Valley.  Stephens Valley had recorded 136 lots by March, 2019, and has moved a bit more slowly than the pace of 50 to 60 lots per year as originally projected.
The Drainage Committee meets monthly to manage current and new drainage projects.  
This work was selected through an annual  assessment program by our civil engineer as being the highest priority areas in need of corrective action and able to be accomplished with the allocated funds.
Work was completed in October on the last remaining locations identified for the regular maintenance program.  This will allow for a period to focus on a handful of projects to improve the community drainage infrastructure and to begin implementation of a long-range plan for the major repairs becoming necessary with deteriorating major drainage structures under HOA responsibility.  
With development of the Temple Hills community being started in the mid-1970’s, we have drainage structures approaching 50-years in age and end-of-life.  To support this long range repair plan for these structures, our HOA has established an annual special reserve fund that will go toward the coming major construction effort.
Along with these above stated committee efforts, we continue to assist homeowners and other HOA committees with drainage issues that frequently occur.  We will also of course strive to monitor our drainage infrastructure and deal with the regular drainage maintenance needs as they arise.
Stormwater runoff problems are an ongoing concern at Temple Hills, and your Drainage Committee is working hard to maintain and improve the existing infrastructure.  Please report any problems or questions to Steve Westerman, Drainage Committee chair, steven.westerman@att.net.
The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is composed of volunteers whose mission is to ensure the aesthetical harmony of homes in Temple Hills to protect the ongoing enjoyment and property values for all homeowners. The "ARC Project Guidelines" serve as the basis for this mission. Project request forms need to be received by the ARC by the first of the month to allow time for review and consideration at the regular ARC meeting for that month. For information and instructions click on the sidebar "ARC Application".
One-year subscription to the US Flag Service is $50, 2-years is $90. Flags will be placed in your yard for:  Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veteran's Day. To place your order click
Neighborhood Notices
To join the “closed” group you must:
- Be a resident of Temple Hills
- Be registered on this website
- Have an existing Facebook account
To join, click "Join Group" on the following webpage and answer the address question:
The administrator will verify that you are a resident of Temple Hills and will activate your membership.  Being a closed group, it is not done automatically and may take a day or two to activate.
Some suggested uses include discussions of current happenings in the neighborhood, complaints about things affecting you or the neighborhood, advertising babysitters (or needing babysitters), “for sale” or “give-away” or “haul-away” items, recommendations for services, publicizing any services you want to provide, your needs for special help, lost pets, complaining about nuisance animals.
If any questions or problems, you may contact the administrator at:
In addition, a new facebook page has been created for Temple Hills "moms" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/templehillsmoms
1. Trash barrels must be kept concealed from view except on trash day.  If you have a steep or long driveway, you might consider a trash service that will drive up to your house.  Hughes Disposal will do this, (615) 210-0204.
2.  On-Street Parking is an ongoing issue in Temple Hills.  Parking in the grass or partially in the yard is also prohibited, and is an eyesore.  Consider cleaning out garages or constructing an overflow parking pad to the side or rear of the home if space permits.  ARC approval is required for parking pads!  
Your dues paid for our very nice street posts & signs - Pease do not attach anything to them!  Tapes, string and wire can damage the finish.  Also, when walking your pet, please do not allow it to relieve itself on the post.  Pet urine is very acidic and will damage the finish.
Please place Open House, For Sale, Lost/Found, etc. signs at the front entrances to the left or right of the landscaped areas.   Also, For Sale signs are allowed in yards.  Open House signs are only allowed 2 days prior to the event and must be removed after the end of the Open House.  Please keep all signs OFF our medians and mulched areas.
Free paper shredding at Williamson County every Tuesday.  For more info: http://www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov/index.aspx?NID=916
Williamson County recycling information can be found at http://www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov/index.aspx?NID=913.  Information includes drop-off location, materials accepted, hours of operation, etc.


The HOA has adopted a standard mailbox design for new mailboxes in Temple Hills (not including The Links or The Reserve…which have their own standard mailbox designs).

The standard mailbox includes an upgraded, heavy-gauge steel mailbox, fluted base with round top finial, and custom address plate with reflective letters.

Upgrading our mailboxes to this standard design gives Temple Hills a more consistent look and matches our street signs.

Studies have shown that neighborhoods with standardized mailboxes and street signs have higher property values…up to 7%...while enhancing curb appeal.  Please consider this upgrade if you have an old mailbox or one in need of replacement.

Due to price increases, we are reviewing our vendor op- ons. Please check the website or contact the ARC if you need to purchase a new mailbox.


Contact Williamson County Animal Control for domestic animal issues: 615-790-5590 and for wildlilfe issues:  781-6622.  To file an official complaint, please download the Animal Control - Temple Hills Complaint Form on our Animal Control page.
For emergency phone numbers and other contact information, please visit the Williamson County website by clicking here.  You can print out this list and keep it by your phone or other easy to find spot.
Be sure to check out our Sponsor pages with information on local services ranging from landscaping, construction and home cleaning to area medical clinics, realtors and restaurants.
If you want to become a sponsor click here.
Upcoming Events
Temple Hill Community Garage Sale
Saturday, May 20th, 8 a.m. - Noon
Bring more buyers to your sale by holding it on Saturday, May 20th in our community-wide garage sale. Rain or shine. Put balloons on your mailboxes to let people know you are participating.
Temple Hills Annual Fireworks Celebration
Sunday, May 28th, At Dusk at Temple Hills Clubhouse
The Temple Hills Annual Fireworks Celebration will be held on Memorial Day weekend. Join us at the clubhouse on Sunday, May 28th. Fireworks will begin at dusk.
Quarterly HOA Homeowner's Meeting
Thursday, June 8th, 7:30 p.m. at Temple Hills Clubhouse
All Homeowners are invited.
Business Office
Temple Hills Country Club Estates
1804 Williamson Court, Suite 108
Brentwood, TN 37027
(Ph) 615-256-7146   (Fx) 615-256-7150
2021 Quarterly Dues: $85 (Condos are $63.75)
Late Fee: $10 per month.
If paid annually before January 31, there is a 5% discount.
Transfer fee of $300 for new homeowners.

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