The following neighborhood guidelines, restrictions and recommendations are provided for your information and include important tips for being a good neighbor in Temple Hills.
Please remember that Temple Hills is a community with restrictive covenants which are enforced by an active Homeowners Association (HOA) and Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Please read and understand the restrictive covenants which may be found on the website under “Business” / “HOA Covenants.”
Before you start any exterior additions or changes, you must apply to the Architectural Review Committee. ARC project applications should be submitted by the last day of the month for review on the second Thursday of the following month. All applications must include a $25 fee and HOA dues must be current.
You can find our ARC Project Guidelines and project applications at the “Arc Approval” link on the THHA website.

1) Large vehicles or ones with trailers should not be parked in the street for more than 1 or 2 hours or overnight.
2) Trash cans should be kept out of sight and taken in the day they’re emptied.
3) Dogs should be kept in their owner’s yard or on a leash.
4) Go-carts and motorized scooters must not be operated on the subdivision streets by unlicensed operators.
5) Portable basketball goals are not permitted in Temple Hills.
6) Temple Hills has adopted a voluntary standard mailbox design.  Details and order information are available under “Neighborhood Notices” on the THHA website home page.
7) Boats and utility trailers are not permitted in view at any time in Temple Hills.
If you are not a member or guest of Temple Hills Club playing golf, you should NOT be on the golf course. This includes walking, biking, playing paintball combat and especially pushing baby carriages Safety is the biggest issue here. (Golf balls are hard, they can travel close to 100 mph, and golfers may not always notice you.) Courtesy and respect for the golfers is also a factor.
Even though the golf course is part of our community, our covenants give the owner/operator control and management of the course for the exclusive use of their golf playing members. Temple Hills Club is totally within its rights to prohibit non-golfers from the course at all times. Temple Hills Club is not unique in this. We know of NO golf course that allows non-golfers to walk on or otherwise use the course. Please cooperate with the Club on this important matter. Better yet, join the Club and become a golfer!
Joggers and walkers should use the designated pedestrian lane (curb lane) on Temple Road, and always walk or jog facing traffic. Bicyclers should use the designated bike lane on Temple Road.
Wear bright clothing in the day and reflective at night. Don’t assume that all drivers are alert and see you —some are distracted by their cell phones. Be especially careful at the entrance area where visibility is very restricted to vehicles turning in.
Drivers, please give pedestrians plenty of room. Remember, the speed limit on Temple Road is 30 MPH and all side streets are now 25 MPH. Please put down your cell phones and focus 100% on safe driving and be especially vigilant for children walking, running or riding bikes.
Tennessee ordinances do not allow open burning between October 15 and May 15 without a permit, or at any time if burning includes plastics, tires, insulation or other substances that can create toxic fumes. Article VI, Section Eight of our Neighborhood Restrictive Covenants states: “Each Owner shall refrain from any act or use of his Lot which could reasonably cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.” Any open burning which causes smoke, sparks or ashes to impinge on a neighbor’s property would violate this part of the Covenants. Please be thoughtful of your neighbors and refrain from open burning.
If you’ve been pruning your shrubs or have a nice pile of limbs and brush…don’t dump it on a vacant lot or on the golf course areas and, most of all, don’t put it in the creek or ditch where it can go downstream and block a culvert. Please take it to the Convenience Center only three miles away at Sneed Road and Hillsboro behind the fire hall. There’s no charge with a one load per day maximum. When you mow your grass, please don’t leave your clippings in the street. Take a minute or two to blow them back into your own yard and kill the weeds growing in the street in front of your house.  It makes the neighborhood look a lot neater.
Dog problems in Temple Hills include excessive barking and dogs running loose in the streets. Please be thoughtful of your neighbors and control your dogs at all times. If you have a problem with your neighbor’s dog, report it to Williamson County Animal Control for more information. See the “Animal Control” link under “HOA Reports” on the THHA website.
Fire protection in Temple Hills is provided by the Volunteer Williamson County Fire and Rescue Squad. If you have a fire emergency, call 911.
Shooting fireworks by individuals is strictly prohibited by the Temple Hills covenants. It is not only inconsiderate of others but a real fire hazard, especially during drought conditions. 
The Temple Hills HOA conducts an extensive fireworks display at Temple Hills Club during Memorial Day weekend every year. This professional display includes all required insurance and fire protection. No other fireworks are permitted in Temple Hills!
Signs are prohibited in all mulched areas, medians, and on any signpost at Temple Hills and Temple Hills West.  Real estate open-house signs may be posted no more than two (2) days prior to open house and must be removed immediately following the open house.  Real estate signs are permitted at the front entrance, but must be kept out of mulched areas and off medians.  Open-house pointer signs must be kept out of the medians but can be located in grassy areas at the side of the road.  Contractor, company and promotional signs are not permitted.  Non-compliant signs will be removed by the HOA and the owner will be contacted if possible.  DO NOT attempt to tape any signs to the signposts in Temple Hills!

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