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Sign Guidelines

Article VI, Section Three, Item number 15 States “No advertising of any kind shall be erected upon or displayed or otherwise exposed to view on any lot or any improvement thereon without the prior written consent of the committee, provided that this requirement shall not preclude the installation by the developer of signs identifying the entire subdivision, and provided further that this requirement shall not preclude the placement by homeowners of “for sale” signs in the front of individual residences, provided that such signs are of a size, character, and number approved by the association. 
Signs are prohibited in the following areas:
  • In all mulched areas on Temple Road and Temple Hills Entrance 
  • In all medians on Temple Road
  • Attached to any signpost in Temple Hills
Signs permitted/not permitted as follows:
Real Estate Open House signs 
  • May be posted no more than 2 days prior to open house and must be removed immediately following the open house. 
  • Signs are allowed at the front entrance but must be kept off of mulched areas and medians. 
Real Estate For Sale signs 
  • May be posted in front and back yards 
  • Must be standard 24" x 30" size.
House for Rent
  • Sign should be printed in professional lettering, not handwritten. 
  • Sign must conform to standard 24" x 30" size.
  • Sign must be taken down after 30 days of Posting. (30 day time limit)
School Signs
  • Signs should be displayed no more than 30 days prior/following the event. 
Company Signs (contractor companies, etc) or Promotional Signs (Sports, etc example “Go Preds” Sign)
  • Prohibited and are not allowed. 
Garage Sale, Birthday Party, Anniversary 
  • Signs allowed in residential yard and/or mailbox
  • Sign(s) allowed on street corner where the event is taking place. 
Alarm Security Signs/Invisible Pet Fencing Signs 
  • Signs are permitted on residential properties. 
Enforcement:  All signs that are placed in prohibited areas should be removed by owner of the sign. Signs that are placed in mulched areas and median (common areas) will be removed.  If there is a contact on the sign they will be contacted for pick up and notified of the location of the sign. If there is no contact or owner cannot be contacted in a reasonable amount of time the sign will be properly disposed of.